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How I Wrote my Book, and Feelings of Inadequacy

October 3, 2017

What a whirlwind month I have had since announcing to the world of Social Media that I am publishing my first children’s book, ‘Broccoli Trees? Yes Please!’  My days (and nights!) have been spent juggling my roles of wife and mother to my husband and 3 kids, many medical appointments for my youngest child who I can only describe as a real life ‘bubble baby’, my work as an online coach and of course, the mammoth task that is publishing and printing a book - a task that has been made far less daunting with the help of my wonderful Publishing Consultant Ocean Reeve, but I digress…


One question I am often asked about my journey to becoming an author

is: “What was your inspiration? /what made you write the book?”

Whilst it is a simple and seemingly straightforward question, it has always made me cringe.  You see, I don’t have an amazing story about how I was inspired to write the book, in fact it happened quite by accident.  It was 2am; I was up feeding my then- newborn for what felt like the sixty thousandth time that night, when all of a sudden some words popped into my head.  These words repeated themselves over, and over and over.  I remember so clearly wondering whether it was a book I had read or perhaps words from a cartoon series that I had stuck in my head.  In my tired haze I couldn’t make sense of it, but I knew that if I went to bed I would have forgotten it by morning and be kicking myself for not writing it all down.  So after I settled my baby, I got up, flipped open the laptop, and typed out the words in my head.  These words just so happened to be the first 3 paragraphs in my book.  In the morning, I remembered my strange experience from the night before and opened my laptop to discover what I had typed out.  I googled the words trying to find out if I had heard them somewhere before, but nothing showed up.  I flicked through all the kid’s books in my bookshelf to see if it was something I had read before, but my search was fruitless.  It dawned on me that these words were my very own, and I felt a little shocked that I had conjured them from thin air in the dead of night.  That second night, the same thing happened and I managed to complete the next 4 paragraphs.  The rest, as they say, is history.



You could be forgiven for thinking that this was a one-off event as a result of my tired brain misfiring (LOL), however it is in this very same manner that my next two books have been written too!  The past few weeks have seen me struggle with feelings of inadequacy about how I have come to be an author.  I haven’t planned, studied or in fact even *tried* to write a book – it’s simply always come to me in the dead of night, which I might add, is a tad inconvenient, as I do enjoy my sleep.  Slowly I am learning to embrace this quirky side to my creativity.  Though perhaps unorthodox, I have become quite fond of being woken by rhythmic rhymes.  The best part about it is that because none of my stories have been planned, I feel a real sense of

excitement as the story unfolds, wondering what will come next.   As I

am writing the book it is as if I am reading it for the first time from an outsider’s perspective and I go to bed looking forward to being woken with the next piece of the puzzle.

Last week, a quote popped up in my Instagram feed that has really helped me to feel at peace with, and even celebrate the way my creative brain works.  It read: “You never have to change anything you

got up in the middle of the night to write” ~ Saul Bellow.   Amen to

that!  Whilst my blogging could certainly do with some work, my creative content is quirky and unique and something I am really looking forward to sharing with you all.


Pre-order sale opens VERY soon, make sure you’re on my mailing list (join on my website) so that you’re the first to know when it goes live!


Yours in quirky creativeness,


Melissa Kent


FB: @melkentauthor

Instagram: melissa_kent_author

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